As part of Billabong’s Bloodlines youth development program, a hand-picked group of groms from around the globe, aged 14-16, have converged on some of the most challenging surf destinations on the planet to film for the upcoming release of Billabong’s new Grom movie ‘Youthless’.

The talent rich international team spent three weeks in Hawaii earlier in the year where they scored late season swells and a variety of breaks. More recently the boys travelled to Western Australia during the prime surf season for 2 weeks, surfing solid North Point and Gas Bay where they not only scored pumping waves but got to hang out and live the grommet life – all day wettie wearing, pranks and milo ice-cream were the daily occurrence.

Youthless brings an element of fun and ‘stoke’  while show casing the amazing  level of grom performance surfing going down through out the world.

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